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HARD CANDY opens Friday, September 5, 2014.
Vibrantly colored styrofoam & epoxy resin sculptures by VCU grad
Jared Clark prove trash can truly become treasure.Through September 27.



new work by
Eric Sall, Robert Otto Epstein, Sarah Bednarek, Jared Clark, Pinkney Herbert, Tom Condon & Sandra Luckett

Mulherin + Pollard is pleased to present a vivid group exhibition of seven artists whose work share a sense of bold color, with varying individualistic and idiosyncratic approaches to pattern, repetition, and design that emphasize the role of the human hand in their making.

Eric Sall received a BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute and an MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University. After a recent stint teaching at The University of Iowa, Eric is headed towards Roswell, New Mexico for Artist-in-Residence Program with his wife Rachel (also an artist at the program) and family.

Sarah Bednarek earned a BFA at the University of Minesota and and in MFA in Sculpture from Virginia Commonwealth University. Sarah’s recent geometric, and somewhat psychedelic work is connected to visions she’s had in the past while battling a serious illness. She is a card carrying Warrior Princess.

Robert Otto Epstein was educated at the University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, PA and the University of Durham in Durham, England. He is a writer turned artist with an interest in post-post-postmodern deconstructionism. He is currently the artist-in-residence at his house where he lives with his girlfriend and golden retriever.

Tom Condon holds a BFA in Painting from Virginia Tech and an MFA in Photography from Virginia Commonwealth University. Tom is an instructor of the arts at the University of Richmond. Tom’s beautiful new mixed media works explore a time when he lost his sight as a youth.

Pinkney Herbert earned a BA from Rhodes College in Memphis, TN and an MFA from the University of Memphis. Pinkney is true southern gentleman and is currently at the Marie Walsh Sharpe
Foundation Studios in Brooklyn where his new work has been inspired by being down under the Manhattan Bridge.

Sandra Luckett received a BFA & MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University.
When not dodging tornadoes, Sandra can be found kicking ass & inspiring a new wave of young artists at The University of Central Arkansas.

Jared Clark received his MFA in Painting from Virginia Commonwealth University and his received a BFA from Brigham Young University.  Recently Jared has been placing permanent outdoor sculptures throughout Salt Lake City all while busy helping the homeless. oh and he just got hitched.

all exhibition dates: May 29 - June 28, 2014 

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This was a re-making, revisitation of Bruce’s exhibit at ADA gallery early in the summer of 2013
which was entitled The Other Bruce_N_Nial.

The Dictionary from the Royal Galician Academy once defined saudade as the “feeling and mood caused by the longing for something absent that is being missed. This can take different aspects, from concrete realities to the mysterious and transcendent.” But are those who don’t remember the past condemned to repeat it? In Humor Me, opening on October 3rd at Mulherin-Pollard Projects, Bruce Wilhelm contends with the notion that repeating the past is not as onerous as it may seem. “I cringe whenever I think of the past, no matter how positive the recalled event could be. [Though by] Looking at my earlier work and the attempts to match imagery with values and find processes to keep up, it seems clear the heart of the game is the interaction between the three. I see imagery and processes changing values as much as I see any other combination; new values change process, and imagery has to change, and so on. I cringe at that wishy-washy shapeshifter. This isn’t a game Bruce, pick something and stick with it, employ yourself. Of course there are problems, what is at stake in the art world is humorous, it is a game here, and I will act accordingly. Furthermore, there are no boundaries between my studio practice, my job as a floor painter, the gallery, the bar, etc. The stakes are real, there is no game, what I choose to stand behind has consequences. I must employ myself to a good cause. Thinking is undervalued while actions so often seem underthought. Until I find myself in a world which has made up the difference I will encourage people to think more. I’ll continue looking for interesting questions by definitely not playing games here, there or anywhere. What better way to start than rewriting the past, setting up the possibility for what was missed to appear and then be replaced.”

Humor Me builds a conversation between a diverse range of available things; turning the idea of pastiche inwards, combining tropes and material from prior bodies of work. The resulting bricolage is produced via Wilhem’s ability to self-edit his past without cringing too much.

Wilhelm received his Master of Fine Arts from Rhode Island School of Design in 2012. Prior to that he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2004. He is currently based in Richmond, VA. This is Wilhelm’s third solo show with Mulherin-Pollard.